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The flag featured on this site is the flag used
by the Little Fork Rangers of Culpeper,
Virginia. I created the image from the
description given to Woodford B. Hackley
when he did the research for his book "The
Little Fork Rangers a sketch of Company D
fourth Virginia Calvery" 1927.

It was made in Jeffersonton at the home of
Dr. Alexander Harris by a committee of
ladies from the town or vicinity during the
latter part of June, 1861. Memebers of the
committee are; Miss Emma Latham, Miss Nan Burnley, Miss Sallie Freeman, Miss Ellen
McDermott, and Mrs. Alexander Harris. In addition Mrs. Hinkley gave the blue silk for the flag,
and Miss Mollie Kirby crocheted the tassel.

The banner was modeled after the first flag of the confederacy, red and white bars with the blue
square and white stars. There were two red baars top and bottom, and a white bar in the middle.
The bottom red bar extended the entire length of the flag, while the two upper bars were shorter,
the space being filled out by the blue square next to the staff. The entire flag was of silk. When
mounted, a yellow tassel hung from the pole. We are not sure of the number of stars on the flag.
None of the survivors of the company could say with certainty. Miss Emma Latham, sole survivor
of the above committee, now Mrs. J. R. Turner of Warrenton, does not remember the number, but
says that they put a star on for each State that had seceded up to that time. All eleven States had
seceded at this time, but whether the information had reached the committee when the flag was
completed is not certain. But as the last State had passed the ordinance ten days previous, it is
reasonably safe to conclude that the number was eleven.

The final fate of this flag could not be ascertained. After the regiments were organized, the
individual companies did not carry flags for very long, if at all. Possibly it becomes a regimental flag,
but we do not know.
Flag of the Little Fork Rangers
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