This Indenture made this 26th. Day of May in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven
Hundred and Forty Six Between Peter Hedgman of the county of Stafford gent. Of the one part
of James Freeman of the county of Prince William planter of the other part Witnessed that the
said Peter Hedgman Hath demised granted set and to farm let and by these presents doth demise
and granted and to farm let one ------- tenement and tract of land situate lying and being in the
county of Prince William on the east side of Hedgman river and bounded as follows. --- ---
Beginning at Thomas Davis's corner hickory on the said riverside and extending thence N 80 &
123 poles to the said Davis's corner white oak thence N 28 w119 poles to one white oak and two
gums being the beginning of a hundred acres of land lately surveyed and to be leased by John
Fletcher thence with his line S.
73.W 100 poles to the said Fletcher corner white oak sapling and thence with his line S. East. 91
poles to a red oak and sapling in the said Fletcher line thence N13- W. 110 poles to a white oak
sapling and thence N 40 ----- 16 poles to Chambers corner white oak thence S.60.W. 218 poles to
the said river thence down it's several courses to the beginning containing Two Hundred and forty
acres to the said James Freeman his heirs and assigns for and in Consideration of the rent and
duties here after mentioned and for and during the term and natural lives of him the said James
Freeman his son James and his son Nathaniel together with all houses out houses gardens,
orchards, and woods and under woods,and waters, water courses, profits commodities and
appurtenances what so ever Thereonto belonging or in any wise appertaining TO HAVE AND
TO HOLD the said --------- tenement tract or parcel of land with the appurtenances to him the
said JAMES FREEMAN his heirs and assigns for and during the natural lives of him the said
JAMES FREEMAN his heirs and assigns for and the natural lives of him the said JAMES his son
JAMES and his son NATHANIEL or the longest liver of them YIELDING and paying yearly and
every year during the ------ and terms aforesaid unto the said PETER HEDGMAN his heirs or
assigns on the 18TH.Day of October beginning the feast of ST. Luke the evangelists of the
growth of the said plantation the rent sum and quantity of one thousand pounds of good
merchantable tobacco and----- and the intents of the said land and the said JAMES FREEMAN
doth agree for himself his heirs ------- administrators and assigns to plant an apple orchard to
consist of 100 apple trees at a proper and convenient distant within five years and to fence in and
preserve the same from the harm of creatures and as any of them decay to plant others in their
stead and only to trim and guard them and at the expiration of the aforesaid term to leave the said
orchard in good repair and the tenement with convenient houses and sufficient fencing thereon in
good order and repair and fit and convenient in every manner for and the tenant to enter upon and
possess the same and also that no subtenant shall be taken thereon during the above mention term
under the penalty of one thousand pounds of good merchantable tobacco and cash over and
above the above advised yearly rent and that the said JAMES FREEMAN his heirs ----
administers or assigns or either of them shall not sell make over or transfer the said tract of land
to any person or persons whatsoever without the assent and approbation first obtaining in writing
of the said PETER HEDGMAN his heirs and assigns under the penalty of fifty pounds sterling
and the forfeiture of the lease and it's further covenanted and agreed upon by and between the
said parties that the said JAMES FREEMAN his heirs and assigns shall not during the said term
do make commit or ---- to be done made or committed any manner of waste of in and upon the
said demised premises or any part thereof during the said term except what is used for building
fencing and other ------- belonging to the said plantation or tenement and for necessary firewood
and that no sale shall be made of the trees woods or under woods thereof or any part thereof In
witness where both parties has and interchangeably set their hands and seal this Day and year first
within mention

Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presents of
Peter Hedgman [SEAL]
James I Freeman [SEAL]
[The words [within five years] being first interlined in the 23 line and the word grant in the 4th Line
being first interlined and also the words [and the intents] of the said land in the 22 .line
John Mauzy
William Turner
Edward Turner
At a court held for the County of Prince William the 26th Day of May 1746 Peter Hedgman Gent.
Acknowledged this lease to James Freeman and the said James Freeman Acknowledged the same
for as much concerns his part to be his art and deed which is admitted to record.
Post p Wagener .Cou. Clk. Court