Freeman to Hedgman River Baptist Society
DB 10/pg 315
This Indenture made the thirty first day of December in the year of our Lord One Thousand
Seven Hundred and Ninety, Between James Freeman Sr. of the County of Fauquier, of the
one part and Augustine Jennings and John Dillard Trustees in behalf of the Hedgman River
Baptist Society, of the other part witnesseth that the said James Freeman Sr. and Margaret
his wife for and in consecration of the sum of Five Shillings Current money the recipient of which
they do hereby acknowledge and fully said have granted bargained and sold and by these presents
doth grant bargain and sell unto the said Austin Jennings and John Dillard trustees of a certain
parcel of land laying in the aforesaid county of Fauquier containing 5/8ths of an acre of land it
being part of a track of land whereon the aforesaid James Freeman now lives, as by a survey
thereof made by James Routt bonded as follows. BEGINING in a line of the land George
Williams deceased near to a white oak landing on the North side of the Falmouth road which
white oak is accounted the beginning corner and extending fence south 7 degrees west six poles
thence South 8 ¼ degrees east 8 poles ten links of chain thence north 43 degrees east 8 poles
crossing the middle of the aforesaid James Freeman now using spring and cornering on the north
east side of the ______thence leaving the said spring and crossing the aforesaid road north 10
degrees west 5 ½ poles running by an elm and cornering the aforesaid George Williams
Deceased line near the said elm, thence with the said line south seventy one and a quarter degree
west ______ and a half pole to the beginning containing five eights of an acre be the same more or
less. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the aforesaid land and premises, with all and every
right, to the interest, member and appurtenance unto the same belonging or in anyways appertaining
unto the aforesaid Austin Jennings and John Dillard in trust for and behalf of the Hedgman
River Baptist society as a foresaid forever, in witness whereof the said James Freeman Sr.
and Margaret his wife have here onto set there hands and seals the day and year first above

Sealed and delivered in presence of us James Freeman………..SS
James Routt her
Peter Routt Margaret X Freeman……SS
Samuel Wharton mark
James Jett

Virginia, then received from Austin Jennings and John Dillard the sum five shillings current
money being the consideration with in mentioned witness my hand this 31st day of December 1790

Teste James Freeman
James Routt
Peter Routt
Samuel Wharton
James Jett

At a court held for Fauquier County the twenty-fourth day of January 1791. This indenture and
the receipt thereon endorsed were acknowledged by the sad James Freeman and Margaret his
wife ( she being first privily examined as the law directs ) so be there act and deed and ordered to
be recorded.
Teste H. Brooke…..CC