Will book 36 page 6 Fauquier Co., Virginia

Know all men by these presents that I James Freeman of Fauquier County and State Virginia
being old and infirm but of sound mind and disposing memory do make and publish this as my last
will and testament and as to my worldly estate and all the property real personal or mixed of which
I shall die seized and foresaid I devise bequeath and dispose of in the manner following to wit.

Will book 36 pg 7:
First my will that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall by my executors hereafter named,
be paid out of my estate assorts after my death as shall by them be found convenient.

Item 1 I give my son Martin Freeman the land on which I reside including all the buildings,
and to be bounded as follows, commencing at or near a water oak, in W.P. Ficklins line thence
with said line to S. O. G. Beals line and with said Beals line and Stephen Freeman's line to a
cedar marked and a stone set: then S.E. touching apple orchard to a stone set on deep ditch banks
thence E. with a fence known as meadow fence and ditch, to the beginning, supposed to contain about
One Hundred acres, be the same more or less, I give the said lot of land to said Martin
Freeman and his wife and children to them and their heirs forever, and leave my son Martin
trustee for his wife and all of said Martin's children, by this wife & his children by a former wife.

Item 2 I give my daughter Amanda who intermarried with John R. Spilman, lot No. 1
adjoining Stephen Freeman, the land commencing at the corner of the lot of land, given to Martin
Freeman in Stephen's Freeman's line and contains fifty acres and lies west of Martin
Freeman's border.

Item 3 I give to my daughter Margaret who intermarried with Chas Smith lot No. 2
commencing at a stone on the main road, with F.C. Foster's line to the river - thence up the river
to my daughter James Anna's lot thence up said line to Spilman's lot, containing Fifty two acres.

Item 4 I give to my daughter Iphagenia who intermarried with F.E. Freeman Lot No. 3
commencing corner on ditch bank of martin thence straight line to Foster's thence with his Martin
Freeman's line to the beginning containing about forty three acres. It also my will that Martin
Freeman is to have a road as an outlet through this lot.

Item 5 I give to my daughter James Anna who intermarried with M.M. McDonald, Lot No.
4 adjoining the land sold him running to Stephen Freeman's corner and Spilman's line nearly to
the river, thence up the river, to corner of M.M. McDonald on the river containing forty acres.

Item 6 It is my will and desire that ay personal estate I leave after my death and any money me
by bond or otherwise, shall be collected, my personally sold, and the money divided equally between
all my children.

Item 7 It is my will and desire that all property real or personal willed by me to my four
daughters namely, Amanda, Margaret, Iphagemia and James Anna, shall be held in trust by
Martin Freeman for the separate use of them and their children free from the control of their
husbands and in no manner liable for their husbands debts. If at any time either of my daughters
wishes to sell their land, they must notify the trustee in writing who may sell and remiss for their
separate use and benefit.

Lastly I appoint Martin Freeman Freeman and Chas. Smith my executors to this my last wil
and testament as witness my hand and seal February 4th 1874

James Freeman (Seal)
Signed sealed and published by said James
Freeman as and for his last will and
Testament in the presence of us, who at his
Request and in his presence and in the presence
Of each other have subscribed our names as
Witnesses hereto February 4th 1874
Jno. M. Fan?
Thomas McDonald

At a county court held for Fauquier County on 22nd day of Jan. 1877

A paper writing purporting to be the last will and testament of James Freeman Dec'd, was
produced to the court and fully proved by the oaths of Jno. M. Fank & Thomas McDonald
subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded - Martin Freeman one of the Exors. Named in
said last will and testament made oath thereto and together with F. C. Foster his enrety who
justified as to his sufficiency, entered into and ackn'd bond in the property of $800.00 payable and
conditioned according to law: and certificate is granted him for obtaining probate of said will in due
form and leave granted Chas. Smith the other Exor. Named to join in said probate at some
future day. The court doth appoint S.F.G. Beale, W.F. Foster, Hugh Hamilton, Horace
Johnson & H.H. Lee, any three of whom may act, being first duly sworn to appraise the
personal estate of James Freeman dec'd and return their appraisements under their hands to H.
Sheppard Com'r of acets of this court.

Teste R.H. Downman Clerk