Harris Freeman Will

Culpeper County Virginia Book H Page 349
I Harris Freeman of the county of Culpeper and state of Virginia do hereby make my last
will and testament in manner and form following
1st I give to my nephew Harris Read the sum of five hundred dollars.
2nd I give to my niece Elizabeth Ball the sum of two hundred dollars.
3rd I give to my nephew French English the sum of two hundred dollars.
4th I give to Benjamin Ferguson my Negro woman Dinah.
The balance of my estate after my just debts are paid, I desire monies be equally divided
among my brothers and sisters children.
In witnesses whereof I have hereunto set my hand and offered my seal this 25th. Day of
July eighteen hundred and twenty one.

Harris Freeman {Seal}

Signed Sealed Published and Declared
As and for the last will and testament
Of the above named Harris Freeman
In presents of us
Conway Spilman
Thomas Corbin
John Spilman

At a court held for Culpeper County the 20th day of August 1821
This last will and testament of Harris Freeman deceased was exhibited to the court and
proved by the oath of Conway Spilman, Thomas Corbin and John Spilman the witnesses
thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of William Freeman administration
with the will annexed and granted here he having qualified and given bond and security
according to law.

Test.Thomas W. Lightfoot C.C.