Will Book F pg 373 Culpeper County, Virginia

The Accumulative will of THOMAS FREEMAN deceased made on Sunday 8th day of
March Eighteen Hundred and Twelve In his last day at his mansion house in the county of
Culpeper, the night before he died, the undersigned being at the house of his friend
THOMAS FREEMAN as above was requested to set by his bed side when sealed, he said
he wished to make known his Will to them in relation hereto as follows, FIRST he wished
his family to continue together as at that time this Estate to remain whole undivided until all
his just depts. Were fully paid SECONDLY that his wife take any part of his Estate it did
not exceed one third part, THIRDLY that his land be equally divided in quantity and
quality between his three sons JOHN HOMES to receive that part whereon he-now lives
no improvements to be valued, FOUTHLY That his son GABRIEL have the part whereon
the Testator lives with the Mansion House and Barn, FIFTHLY that his son GABRIEL &
ARCHEBALD have one Negro Man each and two Horses each together with said other
property as had been given to before that time advanced to his son John Homes and the
residue of his Estate to go in equal proportions to his three sons SEVENTHLY that his
three sons qualify as his Administrators, he did wish his property not to be sold given
words set hands, and Seal as Witness to the above will this 14th day of March in the year
of our Lord 1812.

Richard R Cornwell (SS)
Mary Jordan (SS)