Margaret Freeman Will
Culpeper County Virginia Will Book X Page 353-354

I Margaret Freeman hereby revoking any former wills or testament do give or bequeath
to my granddaughter Margaret W. Coons the house and lot in which I know reside to
her and at her death if she dies without living children to her aunt Susan A. Allen
provided she takes care of her and gives her a home during her life or until she marries,
without other changes than then income or interest I give her by this my will Lenna E.
Coons my granddaughter is to have half interest in the aforesaid property until she is of
age or married. I wish Susan A. Allen to take possession of my household and kitchen
furniture give Lee and Maggy a bed and bed clothes each let either of my daughters
take anything they may want and the remainder can be sold to help pay expenses, in the
event of S. A. Allen dying before Maggy Coons, I give her the right to make and
substitute anyone she pleases to take her place. To this I put my hand and seal.
Margaret Freeman
January 30th 1877
Acknowledged by the Testator
As her last will and testament
This 22 of January 1878, before
Us as witnesses
James W. Green
A. M. Green

God will to the foregoing will I Margaret Freeman make this