George T. Freeman Will - 1888
Will Book Y pg 298-299 Culpeper County, Virginia

I George T. Freeman, Being of sound mind and memory do make this my last Will and
Unless any of my creditors shall demand payment of his or her debt I desire that George D
Corns, whom I appoint as my executor, he not to be required to give security as such,
shall take and control all of my property real and personal for two years from my death, he
to operate and manage the same, so that my indebtedness shall be paid as far as possible
in that time from the proceeds arising there from. At the end of said two years, he shall sell
so much personalty as may to necessary and in such manner, as he may desire best and
apply the proceeds to the payment of all of my debts, but if required so to do or if he
thinks it to the interest of my estate so to do he may sell so much of my said personalty
and pay off any or all of my said debts soner than provided for above. After the payments
of my debts as foresaid, I direct that the rest of personal property and all of my real estate
shall be held by my executor in trust for the maintenance and support of my sister Sallie E.
Utterback during her life, only the proceeds arising therefrom to be used for that purpose,
but neither the estate or the proceeds arising therefrom shall be in any way liable to any
contract debt or liability of said Sallie E. Utterback which now or may hereafter exish.
After the death of my said sister, I direct that my said executor shall hold my said estate
for the benefit of my nieces and nephews following to wit Anna J. Settle, Lucy E. Settle,
Lizzie V. Beaty, George A. Utterback, Edward G. Utterback and Anna V. Utterback
during there lives. The said property to be held by my executor for their benefit and
otherwise upon like trusts and conditions as herein before provided in the desire for the
benefit of my said sister Sallie E. Utterback, that is to say only the proceeds arising from
said estate to be applied to their maintenance and support and neither the ____ of the
estate or the proceeds therefrom shall be liable to any debt of either or any of them, which
now exists or I may hereafter be contracted. At the death of either of my nieces or
nephews, his or her one sixth share herein shall descend in fee simple to his or her children
if any be living at that time, if none then the same shall pass and be held by my executors
for the benefit of the survivors the children of such as may them be dead receiving their
portion of such share in fee simple.
If any of my said nieces or nephews shall desire to dispose of these shares or interests in
my estate to each other, I grant them that privilege, in which case the interest so sold, shall
as will as the remainder in fee pass and be held for the purchaser.
I direct that the Five Hundred Dollars excepted above shall be disposed of as follows One
Hundred Fifty Dollars to be paid to Stephen K. Payne, one Hundred Fifty Dollars to
George W. Payne his brother and Two Hundred Dollars to Mary V. Payne as they
respectively become twenty one years of age. The same not to bear any interest.
Signed Sealed and acknowledged by me in the presence of the subscribing witnesses
hereto, they signing the same in my presence and in the presence of each other this 9th day
of January 1888.

Geo T. Freeman {Seal}

J. L. Jeffries
S. E. Stringfellow

Culpeper County Court February 25 1888
The last will and testament of Geo T. Freeman deceased was this day produced to the
Court and proved by the oath of Jno L. Jeffries one of the subscribing witnesses thereto,
who testified that S. E. Stringfellow, the other attesting witness thereto, was present with
him at the time, and that they signed their names thereto, in each others presence, and in
the presence of the testater at his request, which is ordered to be recorded therefrom G. D.
Corns the executor therein named. Entered into bond without security as requested by the
testator and qualified as such according to law.

Teste C. B. Payne Clerk