Culpeper County Will Book D Page 291/292

Culpeper County This July 12th 1800
This is my last wishes and desire I leave to my son John and my son Harmon and son Joseph
and Benjamin and Ruben and my daughter Elisabeth and Delila my youngest daughter to be
made Equal with my children that is married with all Ready received of my estate those of my
sons and daughters that are not married when Mary to take there Equal with those that are
married and when called for after my desecse I leave to my wife Caty Young all my land and
Negro fellow Moses and all my stock and household furniture and kitchen furniture and wagon
and plantation tools during her life and after her desease I leave Moses and Stil to be Equally
divided among my children I leave my son Ruben Twenty pounds to arise from my estate after
my debts begin paid at my desease. I leave John Fishback Senr. And John Fishback Junr. And
John Young Senr. To be Extrx. Of my estate.

Harman X Young

Tested by Charles Hofman
Nathaniel Freeman
Mary X Young

At a court held for Culpeper County the 15th day of September 1800
This last Will and Testament of Harman Young was exhibited to the court and proved by oath
of Charles Hofman and Nathaniel Freeman witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and at
a court held for said County the 20th day of October 1800 this said will was further proved by
the oath of Mary Young another witness thereto.
John Fishback Jr. and John Young the Executors therein named came into court and refused to
qualify as executors and take upon themselves the burthen of the execution thereof and on the
motion of Catherine Young widow and relict of the said decedent letters of administration with
the will annexed is granted her she having made oath thereto and given bond and security
according to law.